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If you’re reading this, it's likely that Professional Employment is not your line of business. You do something else very well, something in which your customers hold you in high regard. So stay focus on your core business and let us worry about your employment needs. Our business is professional employment and we do that very well. Your staff, both permanent and temporary, are your most valuable resources. For that reason, hiring the right people is crucial and that is no easy task. The task of identifying, screening, interviewing and reference checking candidates can be daunting. A lack of time and hiring expertise can lead to costly hiring decisions.

How we can help

The monetary cost is obvious but what is often overlooked is the opportunity cost associated with bad hiring decisions. How we can help: Our recruitment team specializes in finding the right resource, at the right time, for the right price. What sets us apart from other staffing agencies and headhunters? We maintain a pipeline of highly qualified professionals that allows us to quickly bring qualified candidates to our customers. Relationships with these candidates have been nurtured over time and a high degree of discovery has already been done. Our candidate pipeline provides us with an efficient and effective means of matching the right candidate to your opportunity. Should our pipeline fall short, we have recruiters, recruiting tools and processes in place that allow us to reach out nationally to active job seekers and passive candidates. Contact us today for more information about our recruiting services

We have experience with all size firms and with most technologies.

We recruit for executive level management positions as well as for very specific technical positions.

We can present candidates for permanent positions within your company or, if you have a temporary staffing need, we can provide you with one of our contractors or consultants for a predefined period.


Contract jobs typically revolve around a specific project which needs to be completed. The client can leverage one person to dozens depending on the size of project. Time frames for the length of the project are estimated. They can be part-time or full-time and last from days to years. Often they are underestimated due to scope growth which will lead to contract extensions.
There are other reasons for companies to leverage contract work. They included seasonal work, maternity / paternity leave or extended leave of absences.
Since all Contract Staff is employed by AEG, we offer W2 relationship with our Employees with benefits.


The Contract-to-Hire scenario is a great way for both our Clients and our Employees to better understand each other and the actual position and responsibilities. During the Contract period, the individual is an AEG employee with our benefits. The length of the contract period varies from Client to Client. Sometimes it is a predetermined exact time frame like 6 months or 1 year. Other Clients choose to be a bit more flexible and make the decision based on internal timing, budgeting process, etc.
Most of the time, an open line of communication will be initiated by the Client regarding their interest and timeline of conversion. It typically does not come as a surprise. Salary and benefits are presented and negotiated. Once agreed a start date will be decided. Typically, very little changes with respect to job function, responsibilities and reporting structure. Additionally, AEG always encourages the conversion at any time of the contract if both our client and our employee agree.

Direct Hire

Our clients recognize AEG is an excellent position to identify candidates for their internal permanent positions. They understand we have a firm understanding of their company’s business, culture, benefits and company values. As we speak with Candidates, we verify both the hard and soft skills as one the priorities is long term relationship.
The process can prove a little lengthier due to the nature of a new employee hire.