Interview Preparation

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First Impressions Are Very Important

A conservative look usually works best.

Make sure you have a business suit (blue or black) ready to go that has been professionally pressed, including the shirt that may go underneath.

Please make sure your tie is conservative. Usually a red, burgundy or a blue tie on a white shirt is the most conservative look. Dark socks and a men’s dress shoe.

Please wear minimal jewelry. If you have your nails done or do them yourself please make sure that they are kept up and not chipped etc.

If you have long hair please pull it back. If you need a haircut this is a great time to do so.

Shoes should be shined.

Minimal to NO perfume/cologne.

Try to avoid foods like onion, garlic or other spices prior to the interview.

The Client Introduction.

The Account Manager will meet you in the lobby and assist you in getting checked in and off to the hiring manager.

Give a firm handshake with your entire hand (not just finger tips) and direct eye contact with a genuine smile when the introductions are being done throughout the interview. This is all part of first impressions and lets them know that you are excited to be there and confident about who you are and your abilities.

Walk side by side (not behind or in front and follow their lead in making idle conversation when walking with the hiring manager. If not much is being said you can always talk about the nice building they are in or what a great location or the weather. Always remaining upbeat and positive.

Leave any bad habits at home(nail biting, tapping your feet). Cell phones should be off and no gum chewing. You should be giving them your undivided attention as they are for you.

Preparation Prior To The Interview.

Research the company you will be interviewing with so you can speak knowledgably about their business.

Have directions with you and an understanding of how to get there, even taking a drive there before hand if you have the time.

Bring a professional looking portfolio,which should contain a pad of paper, pen and extra copies of your resume. Usually a nice leather portfolio that comes with a pad of paper on the inside works best.

Always arrive 15-20 minutes early, so you have plenty of time to get checked in and are as relaxed as possible.

Exchange cell phone numbers. Please provide your cell phone number to your AEG point of contact.