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Health Insurance - Group Health Plan (Mercy Health Plans)
AEG's health care insurance provider is Mercy Health Plans. Health care insurance coverage is effective the first of the month after the month you start your employment. AEG pays 50 percent of the cost of your health plan and will also cover your family.

Dental insurance: is 100% paid by employee. The benefit is you use pre-tax dollars.

Life Insurance
$20,000 Group term and accidental death life insurance.

Simple IRA Retirement Plan
AEG, Inc. offers a Simple IRA Retirement plan. All employees are eligible to participate immediately after start date. Within the plan each employee is eligible to contribute an amount not to exceed 100% or $10,500 of their compensation. AEG, Inc. will match an amount up to 3% of your compensation not to exceed $10,500. For example, if you choose to contribute 1%, AEG, Inc. will contribute 1% (not to exceed $10,500). If you choose 10% AEG, Inc. will match 3% (not to exceed $10,500). The AEG match portion will be deposited into your account in January of the following year and will be 100 percent vested at this time.

Holiday Policy
AEG will provide six paid holidays. Employees will be paid for 8 hours at their hourly rate. The paid holidays are:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Vacation Time Policy
Vacation time off with pay is available to eligible employees to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits. Employees in the following employment classification(s) are eligible to earn and use vacation time as described in this policy:

* Regular full-time employees

The amount of paid vacation time employees receive each year is dependent on the numbers of hours worked. Vacation time will be accrued from the first day of employment. For each hour worked employees will accrue .04 hours of vacation. This equates to 8 hours of paid vacation time for every 200 hours worked. Employees can request the use of vacation time after it is earned.

Paid vacation time can be used in minimum increments of one-half hour. To take vacation, employees should request advance approval from their client supervisor and also inform AEG via e-mail when they will be off. More than 5 vacation days may not be taken consecutively unless AEG management grants prior approval.

Vacation time off is paid at the employee's regular hourly pay rate at the time of vacation. It does not include overtime or any special forms of compensation such as shift differentials.

As stated above, employees are encouraged to use available paid vacation time for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits. In the event that available vacation is not used by the end of the benefit year, employees may carry unused time forward to the next benefit year.

Upon termination of employment, employees will be paid for unused vacation time that has been earned through the last day of work up to a cap of 80 hours. Additionally, vacation time cannot be used as part of the required notice of termination (14 days or 10 business days).

Referral Program
A referral fee will be paid for any billable consultant that you refer and is hired. For billable consultants the referral fee is $1.00 per hour for each hour that the referred consultant works up to 1000 hours. This fee will be paid quarterly on the first paycheck after the end of the fiscal quarter.

A $1000 referral fee will be paid for candidates placed in a client permanent position. The bonus will be paid after the newly hired employee completes the 90-day trial period.

Health Club Membership
Employee will be eligible to receive a monthly reimbursement up to $35.00 per month for a Health Club Membership of their choice. It is required that employee work out at least 12 times during the month (this equates to 3 times per week which is necessary to achieve fitness results) to be eligible for reimbursement.

The employee will be responsible for setting up their own membership. To receive monthly reimbursement employee will submit an AEG expense statement with receipt of payment from the health club and a print out from the health club confirming that employee worked out twelve times during the month. Employees are eligible to participate the first of the month following their start date.

Direct Deposit
AEG, Inc. provides direct deposit for payroll. Employees are paid bi-weekly.

Long Term Disability Insurance
Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance program is provided by AEG.
LTD insurance provides income to the insured in the event of a accident, injury or sickness that prevents the insured from working for an extended period of time. The plan is designed to replace 60% of your income after 90 days of being disabled. The benefit will be paid until age 65.